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Sweater Care




We are now well into the chilly and cozy weather. With that comes my favorite part: SWEATER WEATHER! 

Whether your sweaters are cotton, polyester, cashmere, merino, or a blend of them all, one thing they all need is some TLC. Here are my suggestions to maximize the life of your sweaters and keep them good as new!

 I have been living in mostly secondhand clothing my whole life. If my clothes weren't ripped in half, they would be fixed back up to their original glory and be worn another day. My closet consists of many repaired and re-repaired items, which has been a personal fun spot for me as I have learned how to do my own mending (rather than rely on my ultra handy mother). When it comes to sweaters and cardigans, rips happen. Even more frequently, pills happen. Pills are the fuzzy balls that accumulate on your sweater in areas of major friction. For me, the chest, hip, and underarm areas are my hotspots. They can make a gorgeous cashmere sweater look like you were dumpster diving. THAT is where sweater care comes in! Below are my suggestions for products that are both effective and worth the price. 

 Scotch-Brite Lint Roller- $7


A lint roller seems pretty across the board handy, right? True BUT not all have the stick that Scotch does. If you're frugal with your lint rolling like me, these are the best bang for your buck. Good for animal hair, dust, and any other debris that clings to those winter wools, and cashmeres. 



Lint Brush- $7 


Lint brushes are a nice, reusable option to a lint roller. With a sweeping motion in the designated direction, you can remove animal hair and lint from sweaters and most knits in general. When you are finished, simply gather the lint to one end of the brush and throw away. They are a great option that will last you literally forever. 





 Suede Brush- $7


A suede brush is a nice multipurpose tool. It, of course, brushes out suede, but it happens to also be an effective way to remove the pilling on your sweaters. As a caveat, it is not THE best option for all sweaters. I would suggest using a suede brush on thicker knits only. Thick material can take the roughness of the brush that thin knits would not benefit from. Simply brush across fabric in short sweeps, holding brush to the side. 


 Dritz Sweater Comb- $5


Sweater combs are similar to the suede brush in that they brush the fuzz off of the garment, however, unlike a suede brush, you can use these on just about any material. Sweep the brush over your fabric and you will remove most pilling on a sweater. They are inexpensive, reusable and require no electricity. A great travel option!



Kooder Rechargeable Lint Remover- $13


If you're like me, the name will make you chuckle BUT after numerous different tests of defuzzers, this one takes the cake! When looking for a defuzzer, you want one that is going to be powerful enough to cut off the pills on your sweaters and other knits. This one does that beautifully. I recommend gently touching it to the fabric using a circular motion to remove pills. Do not apply too much pressure, as this has a blade in it and can cut a hole into your sweater if you're not paying attention. One of my favorite things about the Kooder is the rechargeable aspect! I am not a frequent battery purchaser, so luckily I can plug the defuzzer in at night and whenever I need it, it is ready to go. I strongly recommend this product to anyone looking to refresh sweaters, cardigans, or really any knit that accumulates pilling (they all do). 



All in all, each of these are vetted by a gal who uses each product multiple times a day. If you have any questions, shoot me an email and I'd be happy to chat with you! hannah@mysistersclosetmn.com


Happy Defuzzing!




































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