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The high today is 55. It's raining and I could not be more thrilled. I have always been an oddball in my love of rainy, dreary days.Call me crazy, but I call it COZY! Fall has officially arrived (fingers crossed), and with that comes sweaters, layers, and a ton more ways to stay in style. 


Enter Hallie. Hallie has been a loyal shopper at My Sisters' Closet for a couple years, and only recently did we realize we were kindred spirits. She has a fantastic sense of style and is always wonderful to chat and shop with when she comes in. After the awkward "can we be friends in real life?" was over with, I asked her if she would be willing to shoot with me for our website. Actually, I may have that backwards. Probably. ANYWAYS, this past Saturday we spent the afternoon finding fun outfits and headed to Theodore Wirth Park to take some pictures. You know when you were a kid and you'd get your Barbies ready for whatever imaginary event they were headed to? This was like the adult version. SO FUN. (If anyone else is interested in spending the day letting me dress and photograph you, hit me up) 




I am a big fan of having a wardrobe that you can use different ways. I also have a 90% black wardrobe, so that's rather easy to do, but I digress... Today we used this Tory Burch shimmer turtleneck as our constant. Its a simple knit and also conveniently gorgeous. For our first look, we paired it with an Escada cashmere cableknit cardigan. Cozy, cute, and chic. Topping it off with a vintage pave necklace (the OG JCrew jewelry) , some black J. Brand skinnies and we were set. A classic preppy style good for work, a lunch date, or more shopping!


While Hallie was trying the Tory Burch top on, she spotted a retro Anne Klein for Bergdorf Goodman duster. The combo was too good to pass up. We had to find a way to make an outfit out of it. So we did! 

 I had previously told Hallie about these crazy comfortable looking pants that I wanted to try on. She tried them and somehow they worked perfectly for this. Pattern mixing at its finest! I grabbed a vintage leather belt with gold buckle off one of our mannequins to give some separation to the patterns. Also, I am a huge fan of mixing gold an silver. The silver in the Tory Burch top gives a colder look, so we warmed it up with the belt buckle, gold necklace an soft, loose pants. If we didn't have ENOUGH going on, we decided to add these AHMAZING Emilio Pucci slides. A Boho look is what we got and I am obsessed with it. The picture does not do the bell sleeves justice. Classic, classy, and couture. Florence Welch would be proud (I hope). 


Lesson: Make your wardrobe work for you, not the other way around. You're dressing to live your life, so get out of the closet and live it! 


That's all I have for today, folks. Welcome to fall and have a lovely, lovely week!






















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